1.Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 1

2.Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 2

3.I am Your Evil Twin

4.Are You Terrified Yet?

5.Brain Juice

6.The Werewolf in The Living Room Part 1

7.The Werewolf in The Living Room Part 2

8.The Haunted Car

9.Be Afraid Be Very Afraid! Part 1

10.Be Afraid Be Very Afraid Part 2

11.Headless Halloween

12.Earth Geeks Must Go!

13.Ghost in The Mirror

14.Return to Ghost Camp

16.Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls

17.Jekyll and Heidi Part 1

18.Jekyll and Heidi Part 2

19.The Mummy Walks

20.Full Moon Fever

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