Sweet 16 Edit


Erin turns 15 for her birthday and she is a good girl she wants to make her a wish when she was 16. Erin wants the birthday balloons, birthday presents, and birthday cakes. Erin doesn't want to be 15. Erin wants to be sweet 16 when Erin is not a good girl. Erin will be the bad girl of sweet 16. Erin betrays her parents to be 16. Erin is a naughty girl and she was angry at her parents. Erin the 16 girl wants to destroy her birthday. Erin the 16 girl was anger to the students at school. Erin the 16 girl destroy the students, teachers, principals, and security at school. Police came here to arrest Erin the 16 girl. But she is not arrested. Erin the 16 girl destroy the police in the streets. Erin the 16 girl is now the bad girl in town.


Erin the 16 Girl

Erin's Mom

Erin's Dad

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